GCSE Art – Ian Murphy

Senior School
3 Feb 22

Mr Thompson and Miss Peart-Price’s Fourth Form Art GCSE students have started researching the artist Ian Murphy. His work focuses on his fascination with the rugged, earthy surroundings that were very much a predominant feature of both his home environment and university years in Northern England. Murphy seeks out the places that exude the qualities of neglect and abandonment – the intrinsic details of erosion, decay and antiquity are the very components that form the visual aesthetic that makes his work so compelling.

All students have started creating their mixed media backgrounds using colour and textures with PVA glue, sand, newspaper and drawing ink. This week, students have started working on the background pieces with experimental layers using drawing ink, acrylic paint and corrugated cardboard. The photographs reflect the process the students have followed so far to create their Ian Murphy-inspired urban landscapes. We look forward to seeing the masterpieces complete!