Fifth Form Mocks

Senior School
21 Oct 22

Fifth Form mock examinations will take place from Monday 14th November through to Friday 25th November. Many students will have clashes throughout this period as we need to condense subjects to fit within this timeframe. In order to produce the best instructions for students, a comprehensive card has been produced that is individual to each student, and is attached to a copy of the master timetable.

This will be posted home during Half Term to enable students the opportunity to start to prepare their revision, and a second copy will be given to each student on their return to school. These cards will also show their personal allotted venue and seat details, and any access arrangements they may have been awarded.

In view of the tightness of these dates, it would be appreciated if all doctors’ or dentists’ appointments could be checked against this timetable before being arranged. Likewise, if your child is off sick within this time period, it is requested that you inform the Examinations Department as a matter of urgency so that alternative arrangements can be put into place.

If you have any questions following receipt of this information, please do not hesitate to contact the Examinations Department, Mrs Eastwood on 01622 845250/ or Mrs Lawrence on 01622 845303/