Fantastic Fashion Designers

Prep School
29 Apr 22

Year 6 Design and Technology lessons have been giving the children the opportunity to be fashion designers. They are making items of clothing for the rabbit character from the book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Mrs Skelly will be proud of their mathematical skills, as creating their pattern pieces involves accurate measuring and remembering to include a seam allowance. Using calico as the fabric for their prototype, the children pinned on pattern pieces and cut them out. The corridor outside the Art room became their atelier.

The next steps in the design process will entail stitching their garment together and fitting it on Edward. Necessary adjustments and design alterations can then be made before cutting out their final design from their chosen fabric. They have extended themselves with some cutting edge designs that will ensure that Edward Tulane can look forward to being a cut above the rest of the rabbits in his bespoke, handcrafted clothing.