Eco Society

Senior School
17 Sep 21

There is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than at any time in human history. Average wildlife populations have dropped by 60 per cent in just over 40 years. Sea levels are rising faster today than ever before. 

These are all terrifying statistics, and the threat of climate change can be overwhelming. It is difficult to imagine just how we could make a difference. It is easy to say that nothing we do will help. At Sutton Valence School, we know this is not the case.

The Eco-Society, alongside Miss Oliver, the Environment and Sustainability Coordinator, has put together an Eco Code. These guidelines should be adhered to by all members of the community, including students, staff, and parents. We hope that you will help us to achieve our goal of reducing our impact on the planet.

We have also launched a new campaign this week, ‘One Small Thing’. All students and staff will come up with one small thing that they could do to help in the fight against climate change. 

Miss Oliver’s one small thing is to purchase predominantly second-hand clothing. Perhaps you could join in too, let us know your one small thing!