Descriptions, Days and Designs

Prep School
27 Jan 23

In English, Year 1 pupils have had a fabulous week learning more digraphs from Phonics Shed as well as designing their own ugly animals, writing character descriptions and aiming to extend sentences using adjectives and conjunctions.

In Mathematics they have been learning about the days of the week, extending their knowledge to what was yesterday and what will be tomorrow. They have also learnt about the mathematics of the year and the structure of the seasons, which links to their Science topic.

In Design and Technology, the children have enjoyed prepping fruit, whilst learning different techniques such as slicing and dicing. They designed, labelled and created their own healthy yoghurt snacks.

In Science, the children predicted the temperatures of various liquids including hot chocolate and icy water. They then accurately used a thermometer, read the scale and recorded their findings in a table.