Creative Columns

Prep School
27 Jan 23

Creativity knew no bounds in Design and Technology as the Year 3 children captured it in the coolest columns. Applying their paper sculpture techniques, they repurposed scrap paper and recycled cardboard to create cylindrical forms that channelled their knowledge of Ancient Greek architecture with their own individual creativity.

Experimenting with the materials, the children cut, curled, coloured and clamped (wooden clothes pegs were most useful to ensure super sticking) and constructed! Adapting and problem solving, they made changes to original designs, added extras and evaluated the outcome. What would they improve to enhance the excellence of their completed columns?

Their column creations captured past and present as the children extended their imagination and creativity to design and construct fantastic futuristic columns. Magnificent swirls, fabulous fringes, explosions of colour and rockets now grace the walls of the corridor gallery, framed by the monumental Parthenon, the inspiration for their creative columns.