Dancing for Donations

Senior School
1 May 20

We were delighted to hear that Lily Halpin (Fourth Form) decided to raise money for the Blackthorn Trust by dancing for two hours and six minutes non-stop. Read more about why Lily decided to take on this challenge below:

“I decided to take on the challenge when my mother told me about the 2.6 Challenge that was taking place around the country, to try and make up the money that would have been raised by the London Marathon, for charities around the UK and abroad. The theme is to use 26 or 2.6 and do something for a charity of your choice. I decided to raise money for the Blackthorn Trust because they are local and help support people struggling with their mental health. I decided to dance for 2 hours and 6 minutes non-stop!

I have struggled in the past with feeling anxious and it is horrible, so it is hard to imagine how much worse it could feel whilst being in lockdown. I wanted to help Blackthorn, so they can continue to help people at this difficult time, especially as lots of charities cannot do their normal work due to social distancing regulations.

Blackthorn is a beautiful and calm place that helps people feel better when they are really unwell. They support people using different therapies and training workshops such as woodwork, cooking, stained glass and gardening, all set in a tranquil garden. At the moment they are running sessions virtually and speaking to all their patients on the telephone so no one feels isolated. I am glad that my fundraising will help them at this really difficult time.”

We are very proud of you Lily, well done for your selfless good deed.