Copy Prize Award

Senior School
1 May 20

Mr Grindlay had the pleasure of awarding three copy prizes today, to Nadeza Manley, Maximilian Brown and Erin McGregor (all Second Form) for their outstanding effort in a recent Science project.

Our Junior pupils have been studying the topic of Space in their Science lessons. This presented an ideal opportunity for them to develop their research and presentation skills. Last week, they were set the challenge of producing a poster presentation on the Solar System, including details on the planets, asteroids and comets. They were also asked to consider the difference between the heliocentric and geocentric models for the Solar System.

Mrs Loy was so impressed by the enthusiasm and engagement shown by all of the pupils; their creativity and detailed research are very well presented in their work.

Well done Nadeza, Maximilian and Erin for demonstrating your fantastic skills in independent learning. 

See all three projects here:

Nadeza Manley

Maximilian Brown

Erin McGregor