Conscious Contributors

Senior School
14 Feb 20

Mr Strydom explores how the pupils are wanting to become more environmentally friendly:

‘The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.’ Isaac Asimov

Never in the history of mankind has this been truer. I look at what is happening to our precious planet globally, and often wonder how long it will take for us to wise up? With scientific evidence now flooding our media, it has been very noticeable to hear children and adults returning to school in the New Year full of aspirations to contribute in their own little way towards solving global warming, pollution and keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum.

As ever, the children have been working hard at mastering the new challenges set by their various topics this term. Year 6 have been learning about living things (made a little sweeter with a practice run using Haribo Starmix!), Year 5 have been testing the properties of materials to their absolute limit, Year 4 have been exploring sound like true rock stars and Year 3 are getting better acquainted with the Flintstones and all their rocks!

Well done to all the children involved in assembly last week, sharing some of their fun STEM activities with the rest of the School and their proud parents; you were fabulous!