Compliments from the Creative Cave!

Senior School
6 Jul 20

An ordinary room in my house has been transformed into a creative cave – the SVPS virtual art room! It, like the real art room at School, has been a hive of activity with creativity zooming between screens during remote Art and Design Technology lessons. Its walls are bulging with cups of fantasy, monsters in bottles, animal and human eyes, fantasy tree houses and door drawings, while floating fish mobiles and fire breathing dragons hang from the ceiling.  On the desk, Totem poles, egg box owls, cereal box theatres and tinfoil figures jostle for space between felt tips, scissors, glue and string.

Boxes of sticks and cardboard adorn the floor and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers are a colourful reminder from the real art room at SVPS. The creative cave has been the open arm receiver of numerous awesome, amazing artworks and dynamic, delightful designs from all the Prep children from Year 3 through to Year 6. Your masterpieces have been a constant stream of inspiration and testament to your hard work and enthusiasm. Thank you, children, for embracing your creativity throughout the Summer Term and making me the proudest Art and Design Technology teacher ever! 

Mrs Savage