Cleopatra Came to Visit!

Senior School
24 Jan 20

What a wonderful time Year 1 had this week. Queen Cleopatra (who just happened to look very much like our own Miss McCarmick) appeared through a time portal with strict instructions for the children to get her from one side of the River Nile to the other. 

It was a very bad time for her as there was no wind blowing and the current, which should have taken her to the other side of the river, had stopped flowing.  The children obliged by kicking the water, thus creating the current which gracefully moved the Queen’s boat to the other side of the pool. 

Once she was there, she decided that she wanted to return.  Again the children on the other side of the pool provided the propulsion. After the Queen had departed, the children took their turn in travelling on the River Nile.  We were all surprised to discover that the boat can cover the distance in 48 seconds!  Thank you Queen Cleopatra for your Royal visit.