Child-run Clubs

Senior School
24 Jan 20

We have spent a lot of time this year focusing on Learning Powers in School. Thus far, we have covered Independence, Initiative, Empathy, Reflection, Tenacity and Bravery. One of the challenges that has been laid down in front of the children this term, by Ms Essu, is if they would like to see something happen in School, they should see if they can make it happen themselves.

To that end, we have had a number of self-organised, child-run clubs happening throughout Years 3-6 already this term, with Dodgeball having been a particular highlight, and many more in the offing. The process is very thorough, with a member of staff “sponsoring” each activity, but we are very much encouraging the children to take responsibility for themselves and to come up with a comprehensive plan, rather than relying on a teacher to run an activity for them.

We look forward to many more such clubs and activities over the coming term.