Build a Pizza Night!

Senior School
14 Feb 20

On Thursday night, our boarders were treated to one of their favourite evening meals – a build your own pizza feast! Paige Davidson and Presley Farrance (both Upper Sixth Form) recount the evening:
“Booked into a time slot by house, we each tailor made our own unique pizza starting with a thin and crispy base, tomato or barbeque sauce then a huge array of toppings including ham, bacon, chicken, beef, tuna, olives, sweetcorn, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, mozzarella and even chilli flakes for the die-hard spice fans. These were then passed to the chefs for a five minute baking on a special super-hot pizza setting, replicating a wood fired pizza oven. 
Thanks to the kitchen staff for making this such an enjoyable occasion.”