Boarders Trip to Brighton

Senior School
11 Feb 22

Last weekend, our boarders took a trip to Brighton seafront. Johanna Lang (Fifth Form) has written a short report on the visit.

‘Last Sunday there was a boarders’ trip to Brighton. Although the weather was not the best (we certainly did not need the sunscreen!), the atmosphere was amazing and there were so many different things to see and do.

When we got off the coach, we first saw the Brighton Pavilion. Next, we walked to the beach and visited the famous Brighton Pier and all its attractions. Walking along the streets covered in colourful graffiti created an interesting contrast to the older buildings we saw.

There was an abundance of local shops which provided great opportunity to shop. The four hours we had to explore Brighton were over faster than we thought. The absolute highlight of the trip was the hot chocolate we had at Knoops – even though I am not a chocolate lover, this one was the best!

Despite the windy weather, the trip was still a success and was especially great for me and all the other overseas students to learn about and see more of England. Thank you to Mrs Manning and Mr Westlake for leading the trip.’