Beat COVID Board Game

Senior School
5 Feb 21

Beat Covid is a family game created by Aryaa O-S (Year 6) that encourages you to be physically active. The aim of the game is to reach the end. You can print out the game and stick it on some cardboard. Any size paper will do! The rules of the game are below:


·         Reach the end to win; 

·         Children CAN make their parents do a challenge if they refuse;

·         If you see a Covid shape, then you MUST stop and do the challenge;

·         If you have dice from another game then use it or be creative and make one;

·         Keep a timer handy for the Covid shapes;

·         There are five Covid shapes (negative) and five coloured spots (positive);

·         There are black spaces so you can skip, or you can make your own task up. It must be a physical task; 

·         Have fun with your family!