Australian Exchange Students Say Farewell

Senior School
13 Dec 19

In November, we were lucky enough to come to SVS on a six-week exchange from Sydney, Australia.  We have had many fun experiences whilst here and made some great memories.  Some of the things we have enjoyed are the different activities, such as shooting and CCF (which we do not have back home) as well as having the opportunity to play some great Hockey. 

We were also lucky enough to go on School trips to Westminster Abbey, to the opening of the Royal British Legion Village, where we saw the Queen, and to the Drama Trip to see Death of a Salesman.  At weekends, we went to Maidstone, ice skating in Canterbury, to the Christmas market at Leeds Castle and on day trips to London; some parts of England we had never seen before.  Some of the big differences at SVS compared to Roseville College, our school in Australia, are wearing business attire in Sixth Form instead of uniform, being coeducational, only studying three subjects in the Sixth Form, going to School on Saturday, boarding and the weather!  Not to mention the differences between Aussie slang and British words.  We are both so grateful to have come on this exchange and would recommend it to anyone considering it.  We really do not want to leave or say goodbye to everyone and the whole experience but we have loved every moment of it and are so thankful to everyone who has made us feel so welcome.

Abbie and Freddie