Sport and physical activity play a central role at Sutton Valence School. We believe sport develops pupils' confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimulus and exposure to teamwork and leadership opportunities. It is important that all students find an area or niche that they can explore and, more importantly, enjoy in the hope that this will result in a lifelong approach to sport and physical activity.

Sport and physical activity provides opportunities to develop the vital life skills of communication, teamwork, leadership, respect, discipline and resilience. Whether it be playing sport in an arena or working hard to improve your personal fitness, sport and physical activity creates a platform upon which we can better ourselves both physically and as people. Sport and physical activity mirrors life. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Mark Howell
Director of Sport and Head of Rugby

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SVS Elite Sports Facilities

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More about our centre

Saracens Partnership

Sutton Valence School is an official partner school with Saracens Rugby. We are the only Independent Senior School in Kent to be an official partner school and one of only four throughout Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire. As a result, Saracens help develop the School’s Rugby strategy and development pathway.

Sutton Valence School has also become an Elite Performance Centre for the Saracens Academy Rugby programme. SVS is used for Saracens Academy strength and conditioning sessions, speed sessions, skills sessions and Academy information evenings. Our extensive facilities allow for first-class training sessions for the Premiership rugby players of the future. Saracens Academy staff also regularly visit the school to offer their insight and expertise whilst guest speakers from the Saracens Rugby family visit the school to give inputs to our Sports Scholars.

In the past two years, Sutton Valence has produced two players who have gained professional contracts with Saracens.

Sport Camps

Extensive sports camps are run at Sutton Valence School throughout the year giving young people the opportunity to receive world-class sports coaching whilst utilising the outstanding on-site sports facilities.

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