Senior School
25 Mar 21

Zachary H (Year 4) has developed a love of bees and has become extremely passionate about helping to save them. Zachary’s fascination with the little creatures began when his grandparents started keeping bees last year, during the first lockdown. He has his own bee suit and has been lucky enough to help his grandparents on several occasions to check on the bees in their hives and feed them the essential fondant that they need throughout the winter. 

Zachary thoroughly enjoyed watching Jimmy’s Big Bee Rescue on Channel 4, which inspired him to set up his own bee charity at School when he returned in September. Using his own initiative, he produced a sign-up sheet for his friends to join his charity. He also independently spoke to Mr Watkins, Deputy Head, and wrote a formal letter to Mr Watkins and Mr Black, Head Gardener, asking if there is a surplus area at School where they could sow some wildflower seeds for the bees. Mr Black has agreed to support Zachary in his efforts and has an area at the School set aside for some wildflowers to be grown.

Zachary continued his project by writing to various seed companies to ask whether they would be kind enough to donate some wildflower seeds to his charity. After lots of responses saying no, his tenacious attitude paid off! Chiltern Seeds very kindly sent some seed donations and Zachary is excitedly waiting for his opportunity to start sowing these at School with his friends.

For Christmas, Zachary’s amazing grandad even made him his own nuc (which is a small hive), so as the weather warms up, Zachary will soon have his own swarm of bees to keep – what a lucky boy! 

Continuing with his project, and in line with his P4L assignment in which pupils were tasked with creating their own product, he chose to make and sell packets of wildflower seeds aimed for children to plant with their families to help keep the bees buzzing. He has designed and printed his own labels, sourced envelopes and is now selling his seeds online. Each evening after School, Zachary packages up all of his orders, including a handwritten personalised thank you note to each customer! 

We are so proud of you Zachary, well done!

If you would like to support Zachary and buy some Zachabees seeds, you can do so here –