Year 6 Independent Projects

Senior School
7 May 21

There is a real buzz in Year 6 this term, as they alternate between preparing for their upcoming production and working on their new independent projects.

Over the course of this term, they will be authors and illustrators – writing and creating their own children’s picture books. This project has started with lots of research, where the children have been reading a selection of picture books with a critical eye, considering the content, messaging and layout of the books, as well as the style and media used in the illustrations. On top of this, they have been looking into the history of fables and fairy tales and considering the framework around which many popular stories are written.

Whilst working independently, the children have been accounting for their time and considering which of the set tasks they will work through during any given lesson. Thus, their time management skills have also been put to the test; a valuable exercise before they make the move into secondary education next year!