Year 6 Art Exhibition 2021

Senior School
2 Jul 21

Our Year 6 pupils’ masterpieces captured the children’s creativity and individuality perfectly. Transformed into a gallery, the Bates Hall was filled with exciting compositions and eye-catching colour! Wonderful, collaged mixed media landscapes, abstract relief scenes, innovative recycled material lampshades and bold lino prints jostled for attention and eagerly reflected the skills and techniques that Year 6 has learnt over the years, in both Art and Design and Technology.

The words ‘individuality is cherished’ rang true as the artworks were unique; each Year 6 child added their own personal stamp of style to their pieces. Holding pride of place down the centre of the ‘gallery’, was an abundance of fine feathered birds – the jewels from their fused glass workshop. Every one breathtakingly beautiful and one of a kind! It was super to see Year 6 excited about their own accomplishments and enthusiastically appreciating the work of their friends. Thank you, Year 6 for your amazing artistic effort. You are awesome artists and Mrs Savage is very proud of you!