Winning Performances

Senior School
3 Dec 21

There was great excitement in the Music department at the start of the week as the results of the Maidstone Music Festival were announced. Not only were our Junior String group (SuperStrings) and our Senior String group awarded Distinctions for their performances in the beginner and elementary ‘Large Ensemble’ categories respectively, both groups were also announced as overall winners of their classes too. 

Congratulations to all the children involved for the hard work they put into achieving such a successful outcome in a public forum – we are very proud of them and it really is a testament to the fantastic progress they are making now they can rehearse regularly as a whole group again. Keep it up! 

Congratulations too to Zlata L (Year 3) who also entered three solo violin classes at the festival, winning two out of the three and taking home a Commendation and two Distinctions! 

SuperStrings – Charlotte E (Year 4), Amy J (Year 3), Zlata L, Fiyifoluwa M (Year 4), Amelia P (Year 4), Isabelle R (Year 4) and Soren S (Year 4)


Senior String Group – Xanthe B (Year 6), Oluwadarasimi B (Year 5), Oscar B (Year 5), Sienna C (Year 6), Avia E (Year 5), Charlotte L (Year 5), Jai S (Year 6), Esme S (Year 6) and Olivia W-N (Year 6)