Who Knew?

Senior School
14 May 21

Who knew how multi-talented our visiting Music teachers are? Some of them it seems, quite apart from their incredible skills as musicians and teachers, would be just as home in front of a television camera! 

In Monday morning’s assembly our clarinet teacher, Mr Brazier and our brass teacher, Mr Mann entertained the children with a pre-recorded film showing off the capabilities of their instruments. From owls and cats to glissandos and aeroplanes, the children saw just how versatile the clarinet, trombone, trumpet and even garden hose can be! 

They were then treated to some performances by pupils – Ruaridh H (Year 4) on trumpet, Harry H (Year 6) on the cornet, Emily P (Year 3) on clarinet and Archer R (Year 6) on tenor horn. Congratulations to all of them for their wonderful playing in front of the camera too.

If your child is interested in taking up a musical instrument, please do get in touch with Mrs Lordon to arrange a free trial lesson, or submit a request with just a few clicks using our online form which you can find here.

You can watch Mr Brazier’s and Mr Mann’s videos by clicking on their names.