Wellbeing update – 24.02.23

Senior School
24 Feb 23

This week, we had breakout sessions with The Juniors and Fifth Form students on the topic of sleep. Our discussion focused on the importance of getting enough sleep and how to improve the quality of sleep. We used the tips from Matthew Walker (a neuroscientist and sleep expert who is best known for his research on the importance of sleep), to guide our conversation and ensure that our students are well-informed about how to take care of their sleep health.

In our Staff Wellbeing Ambassador meeting, we talked about the benefits of having a wellbeing survey for our students. We believe that tracking their wellbeing and putting support in place is essential, and we will be sharing more information on this soon.

Our next TIDE meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday lunchtime. Our teachers have been sharing good practices for promoting diversity and inclusion in their classrooms. We hope to find other ways of fostering diversity and inclusion to share these good ideas with our community.

Mr Ellmers, Head of Sixth Form, has put in place excellent provisions for our Upper Sixth students to help them prepare for life beyond SVS. These students will be participating in cooking, yoga, life skills and personal safety along with crucial information to guide their transition to the next chapter. We are confident that this program will provide our students with the skills they need to succeed in the future.