Visor Project Update – 9th April 2020

Senior School
8 Apr 20

We are so pleased to announce how successful our visor project has been over the last few weeks, especially seeing the rise in other Schools around the country starting to use their resources too. We had numerous emails from schools, manufacturers and ship repair facilities asking for our designs.  See Mr Kirk’s update below:

‘I am delighted to hear that the requests for visors are starting to decline. I am delighted as this either means that we have done an incredible job in getting a worthy amount out to our local community, or that the PPE supplied by the government is starting to filter out to these places. (I think perhaps a little bit of each of the above).

To date we have produced 547 visors, making that just over 45 boxes each containing a dozen visors. 

I can’t thank all of the team enough for all their help, support and involvement with all of this. It has meant an awful lot to the people we have supplied to.’ 

We thank you too, Mr Kirk, for your incredible contribution to our community. Your input has not only been invaluable, but essential in the making of these visors. 

KMTV came to the School to interview Mr Kirk, you can watch the video here.

You can watch an overview video we created here.