Understanding Techno Tantrums

Senior School
4 Jun 20

During this period of lockdown, the chances are that we have all experienced pupils throwing techno-tantrums. These are completely normal and often a result of the neurobiological changes that occur when pupils use technology. Is this behaviour acceptable and what can be done to alleviate it? We would encourage all parents to sign up to a free webinar hosted by the award-winning speaker and author, Dr Kristy Goodwin, who gives a brief overview of her presentation here. The webinar will be available at 11.00am on Wednesday 17th June. 

In the webinar, Dr Goodwin helps parents to understand why children and teens emotionally combust when they digitally-disconnect and how to establish new, healthy technology habits. Key learning and discussion points include: The science behind why children have techno-tantrums and find it challenging to switch off from their screens; How to establish and enforce firm guidelines and boundaries; How to be the pilot of the digital plane; Researched based, realistic strategies to help develop healthy digital behaviours so that screen time does not always end in ‘scream time’.

To access the webinar, please complete the following steps: Click this link: www.parentingideas.com.au/parent-resources/parent-webinars/webinar-understanding-techno-tantrums Click ‘Add to Cart’ Click ‘View Cart’ Enter the voucher code TECHNO and click ‘Apply’ Enter the School’s name to verify your eligibility  Click ‘Proceed to checkout’ Fill in your account details. These are the details you will use to login to your account and access your webinar and resources Click ‘Place Order’