Tudor Treasures

Prep School
14 Jan 22

In Design and Technology, Year 5 took inspiration from Tudor jewellery to design their own treasures. After analysing different styles and types of jewellery worn in Tudor Times, Year 5 sketched detailed designs for their own unique piece of jewellery. They had to adhere to the design brief which stated that their Tudor inspired jewellery had to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and constructed from some recycled materials. With a treasure trove of materials ranging from wire, beads and plastic, to embossing foil, recycled cardboard, magazine pages and modelling clay, the children were spoilt for choice. They worked with enthusiasm and tenacity, curling and wrapping wire, attaching beads, adapting their designs when a problem arose and learning a lot of new hands-on skills.

Finally, the finished Tudor treasures were carefully boxed and wrapped – just in time to take home for Christmas! No doubt, there are some very happy members of the SVPS community who are now adorned with a bespoke Tudor inspired treasure!