TTRockstars House Cup

Senior School
26 Mar 21

There is a new addition to the house trophy cupboard – pupils from Year 2 to 6 can now work towards the TTRockstars House Cup! This is awarded to the house with the most points scored during competitions set by Mrs Skelly throughout the term.

As part of a real-life maths investigation, Mrs Skelly’s Year 6 Mathematics class calculated all the scores from individual pupils who have entered TTRockstars competitions throughout the last two terms. The pupils who entered the competitions are given points for their house!

The final results are:

Year 3 – Bodiam

Year 4 – Hever

Year 5 – Hever

Year 6 – Leeds

The final calculations of scores were made and the winning house for the first-ever TTRockstars Cup is Bodiam with 51,133 points – well done!