Translator Meeting

Senior School
12 Mar 21

Last Monday, our Fourth Form MFL students met with interpreter and translator, Rob Hunt.

Luca Arduino (Fourth Form) says, “Rob Hunt is a translator who is fluent in multiple languages, he told us about how being a translator can take you all over the world and allow you to experience new and exciting things. He then gave the example that, while studying languages, he was able to go to exotic foreign countries to gain experience.

We also learned that being a translator opens up a vast selection of jobs as the field is so broad, especially as the demand for translators is so high. For example, you could become a conference interpreter, an educational interpreter, a foreign language interpreter and translator, a court and judiciary interpreter, a medical interpreter and translator and many more.

He spoke mostly on the field of interpreting for footballers as this is what he tends to specialise in, and it was clear to see the number of experiences you could have through just one area of being a translator.

After the talk, I felt that a career that I had not given much thought maybe more fulfilling than I first imagined.”