Third Form roll through collagraphy class

Senior School
27 Mar 23

Third Form Art students in 3B, 3Z and 3L classes are currently working on an endangered species printmaking project.’

Students have created a collagraph board design based on endangered species. A few print designs include Javan Rhinos, Mountain Gorillas, African Forest Elephants, Hawksbill Turtles and Snow Leopards.

Collagraphy is a versatile printing process in which a textured plate is inked up and put through a press. Students have used a variety of textures such as bubble wrap, wallpaper, foil, tissue paper and thread. Different textures hold varying amounts of ink and print different tones.

The collagraph plate is then varnished and can be printed. This is our method of creating and printing collagraph plates in school. Thank you to James the Art Technician for his printmaking knowledge and skills during the printing process.