Third Form Range Day

Senior School
29 Apr 22

On a bright Wednesday morning, the Third Form, along with some willing NCOs, assembled at Hythe Ranges for their annual Shooting Day. During the preceding two terms, the cadets have been developing their weapon-handling skills in preparation to fire on a live range.

The cadets were put into groups and rotated through a variety of activities including a 25-metre 5.56 range (using the same weapon that the British Army currently use), a 25-metre 7.62 range (using a sniper rifle) and a 100-metre 5.56 range where the targets are automated and will fall when hit. Activities also included command tasks and archery.

Hopefully some of the Third Form will go on to become valuable members of the School Shooting team.

Many thanks to all the staff and NCOs without whom it would not be possible to run the day.

Major Millbery

Photographs from the day can be found here.