The Sound of Colour

Senior School
17 Sep 21

Colour is reverberating from the gallery walls outside the Art Room. ​

Inspired by Kandinsky, Year 4’s circle compositions sing his praises and love of colour. Using watercolours, our budding artists brushed up on their painting techniques and applied their colour theory knowledge. Primary colours danced rings around secondary colours, whilst complementary colours boldly leapt from their artworks in chorus. Year 4’s colourful paintings express energy, vibrancy and the enthusiasm of their composers.​

Causing similar vibrations are Year 6’s florals. Close-up pencil drawings of flowers, melodiously reflect the children’s competent grasp of tonal and mark-making techniques. They are accompanied by brightly painted flowers (inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s love of nature) that whisper of springtime, birdsong and the wonders of watercolour. Year 6’s masterpieces make colourful music too! ​