The Chop!

Prep School
23 Sep 22

Since last year, Elsa B (Year 4) had been growing her hair in the hope for it to be long enough to donate her locks to the Little Princess Charity. After 12 months of growing, at the end of the summer holidays, Elsa bravely had ‘the chop’ and donated 11 inches of hair, along with raising over £1,000 for the charity. Elsa was inspired by older students, Alice S (Year 6) and Isabella M (First Form) who last year had donated their hair to the Little Princess Trust. Phoebe R (Year 5) also donated her lovely long locks during the summer and has raised £725 so far!

We are extremely proud of all our brave and generous girls; such a kind and selfless thing to do. If you would like to support Elsa and donate to the Little Princess Trust, you can do so here.