Sutton Valence School’s Annual Baton Race

Senior School
25 Mar 24

The annual end of term Baton Race took place, with Houses competing for glory. With three groups participating – the Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors – students gathered at different stations around the School, passing the baton and cheering their peers on. The Juniors completed three laps and the Inters and Seniors completed four laps. At the end of the race, the whole School gathered around Prefects’ Lawn, eagerly waiting to hear the results from the Headmaster, Mr Thomas. As is tradition, the winning Houses were handed their trophy by the youngest members of the SVS community, Mr Fewson’s daughter Faber, and Mrs Warner’s daughter Iris.

1st place – Lambe’s, 2nd place – Clothworkers’, 3rd place – Founder’s, 4th place – Holdgate

1st place – Founder’s, 2nd place – Clothworkers’, joint 3rd place – Holdgate and Lambe’s

1st place – Holdgate, 2nd place – Clothworkers’, 3rd place – Founder’s, 4th place – Lambe’s