Sustainable Sandals

Prep School
18 Mar 22

Our Year 4 children have been given the task of designing and creating a Roman sandal that fits their own feet and is constructed from recycled materials.

Transported back in time to the days of Roman Emperors, tunics and sandals, the children constructed sandals that could be worn to a banquet with pride. They created hand-made, bespoke and environmentally friendly sandals from cardboard! The design process began with the analysis of shoes – both past and present, then they researched Roman sandals in order to inform their own designs and finally, they drew detailed and well-labelled diagrams to present their footwear design. A variety of measuring, cutting and joining skills were applied as the designers brought their innovative ideas to life.

Throughout the construction process, the children were encouraged to adapt their designs if something was not working according to plan. They were encouraged to challenge their thinking and extend themselves in order to produce a sandal that was both sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The perfect footwear to don for a feast with the emperor and then recycle to protect our environment.