Super Spanish Speakers

Senior School
7 Feb 20

Did you know there are over 400 million Spanish speakers globally, making it the world’s second most spoken language?
This week SVPS added 35 new speakers to that list, thanks to Miss Essu – read her account below: 

“Year 6 have spent the week using their emerging language skills to have conversations and solve problems. Some pupils attempted to combine their growing Spanish vocabulary to have simple conversations whilst others attempted to ask and answer questions, using descriptive vocabulary, to solve problems.

It has been so inspiring to see the students demonstrating our learning powers of bravery and tenacity, which in turn is causing their confidence to soar.

The pupils played Guess Who, which involved combining their knowledge of colours, body parts, clothing, accessories and question words. This was a fun way to engage their speaking and listening skills, so much so that passing Year 5 students also wanted to give it a go.

Spanish is described as a phonetic language, which also bears some resemblance to the other Romance languages.

Do you think you can combine your existing language skills to guess which character has been described?

Ella tiene ojos marrones

Ella tiene pelo negro

Ella tiene pelo largo

Ella lleva un sombrero rojo

Ella lleva gafas

¿Adivina quién?”

You can check with Miss Essu to see if you are right!