Sports Day Preparations 2021

Senior School
14 May 21

This term all pupils from Nursery to Year 6 have begun Athletics. In their PE lessons, they have focused on running, throwing, jumping and relay events; all in preparation for their respective Sports Days after half term.

The fantastic thing about Athletics is the variety of events, especially when you reach Prep. Through the variety of events, pupils are able to find one or more events they are suited to; whether it’s the fast pupils sprinting down the 100m, the pupils with stamina who love to grind it out over the 1500m or the pupils with great strength and power who thrive in the shot put, ball throw or javelin.

Nathan C (Year 6) has kindly broken down the basic steps you need to take to become successful at Shot Put:

1. Clean palm (hold the shot in your fingers);

2. Dirty neck (place the shot into your neck);

3. Extend throwing elbow;

4. Load up (shift 80% of your weight onto your back leg);

5. Drive the shot (push, not throw, the shot forwards);

6. Finish (aim to end up looking like you have gone for a big high-five, with your non-throwing hand pulling back and tucking in).