Soaring to New Heights!

Senior School
5 Nov 21

Year 3 have created wonderful works of art that are filled to bursting with a myriad of skills and techniques. They used their newly acquired blending oil pastel skills to create skies that reflect the weather.

Whether it be a purple sunset, orange sunrise, turbulent clouds or swirling heat, they applied their blending and mark-making skills with energy and enthusiasm. Extending their general knowledge, they familiarised themselves with the Wonders of the World and included their favourite one in their composition.

After a discussion about hot air balloons and how they are able to float wondrously in the sky, Year 3 drew their own hot air balloons. Skilfully, they decorated, using contour lines to enhance the 3D form and added their own personalised artistic touches. Cutting skills were also given a chance to fly high and the children were challenged by towers, temples, walls, pyramids and spheres. Wonderfully, their artistic skills and expertise are soaring to new heights!