Show and Tell

Senior School
15 Jan 21

Freddie in 2MD kick-started our first show and tell. He prepared a speech for us talking about his two cats, Atty and Dinx. He told us that they were British short-haired and they can be very naughty. However, we are not so sure they are naughty as they attend our daily story time and sleep in Freddie’s arms through these Zoom sessions.

Freddie told Miss McCarmick and his classmates, “My show and tell is about my cats and the cat hotel that I created for them. My cats are British shorthair and they are very fluffy and have very thick hair. Atty is blue and white and Dinx is lilac. They can be very naughty and are always chasing each other around the house.  They have lots of fights, but they are very playful.”

We look forward to seeing more show and tells!