Senior Leader’s Lines – 12th November 2021

Senior School
12 Nov 21

‘You know when it feels right’
Walking into SVPS last week, I was immediately struck by the openness, friendliness and general ‘good feel’ of the School, and, in particular, the children. It was a privilege to be made to feel so welcomed by the SVPS community, and a testament to the education that is taking place in the School.

As a School, we continually judge, assess and scrutinise lessons delivered in the classrooms and on the games field, but it is far more difficult to evaluate the friendliness, helpfulness and development of character of our youngsters. This emotional intelligence is an element of education that is less formally quantifiable but is equally as important in the development of the child. It is this component of education that I witnessed in SVPS pupils when I first walked through the gates. From the birthday boy who offered me one of his cakes on my first day to the Pre-Prep pupil dressed as a policeman who would not let me pass until he had held a prolonged ‘interview’ with me (fortunately for me, no charges were pressed and he let me through with a smart salute!).

In the short time that I have been at SVPS, pupils have displayed empathy with their peers; they recognise and react when they see something, or someone who needs assistance and they are thoughtful towards others in the School community.

National Anti-Bullying Week starts next week; unfortunately, it is an aspect of School life in which we cannot be complacent or neutral. We have to be proactive to ensure everyone in the School feels safe, included and valued. This year’s campaign has adopted the slogan ‘One Kind Word’. I believe it to be a strong message for our pupils and one that can change the atmosphere of an environment. Everyone deserves to be heard and their opinions valued; it is apparent from my first few days here that this is an element of the all-round education of SVPS that is taken very seriously and is having a positive effect on the children. It is engrained in the principles of the four journeys upon which the foundation of the whole School is based.

Whilst Principal of HIKSVS in Tianjin, I developed the principle of the four journeys to the students; subsequently, this became the foundation on which the school was based. It is clear that these four journeys underpin everything this School does, enabling the students to grow and develop their talents.

I am thoroughly enjoying meeting the whole school community, it is a privilege to be part of this vibrant and caring School, and I look forward to becoming a more integral part of it in the future.   

Mr Richard Green, Senior Leader