Selfishly Super Self-Portraits!

Senior School
18 Oct 19

How many eyes can fit across your face? How wide is your neck?  How long are your ears?

These are questions that Year 4 artists can confidently answer because, selfishly, they have been very focused on themselves in art lessons.  Self-deprecatingly, they have admired themselves in a mirror, scrutinising their facial features in the reflection shown.

This self-centred behaviour has been necessary, as Year 4 have been focusing on drawing an accurate self-portrait.  Identifying the proportions of facial features is the key to capturing a true likeness. Year 4 artists started by annotating photographs of themselves and discovered that: five eyes fit across a face, the neck is as wide as the distance between the outside of both eyes and ears align with the eyebrows and the bottom of the nose.  If you do not believe the Year 4 super self-portrait artists, find a mirror and selfishly admire your own reflection.

Mrs Savage

Head of Art and Design