Scintillating Science!

Senior School
5 Dec 19

On my travels around the school this week, I couldn’t help but notice the shrieking sound of excitement and joy.  I just had to pop in and find out why Year 4 were so excited. It turned out that they have managed to make it rain!  Miss Corkran and Mrs Allison cleverly mixed evaporation with some condensation and, as if by magic, we had precipitation!  Well done, Year 4; sadly, no one believed it was actually my rain dance the night before which caused all of this.  We certainly do not need Year 4 to progress further with their experimenting, as we have had quite enough rain, thank you!

Our Year 6s are hard at work, producing a festive light decoration to present to the Dragons’ Den.  They have planned their projects carefully and chosen a winning design to produce.  They created a circuit diagram to accompany their presentation.  Superb effort Year 6!

Year 5 have been feeling the force, literally!  They have explored a range of different forces and have created a plethora of parachutes in different shapes and sizes.  Buoyancy has also been tested to the limit, this week; the children explored different shapes of boats, and investigated how much weight it would take to sink each one, in our man-made ‘lake’.

With the sun poking its head out this week, it was also noticeable to see the shadow outlines drawn on the ground outside the dining hall by Year 3.  Light is a fascinating topic and I am looking forward to the time when these children revisit that topic with me in Year 6.

Mr Strydom

Head of Science