Science Observatory Trip 2022

Prep School
4 Mar 22

On Wednesday, our Year 3 children took an exciting trip to The Science Observatory at Herstmonceux! Their faces lit up as we arrived, as they were met with six magnificent green domes containing both reflecting and refracting telescopes of varying sizes. Their eyes grew even wider, once we got inside the main entrance, when they spotted the water play and giant outdoor exhibits.

The day was filled with discovering new scientific things, including space, forces, magnets and even tornadoes! The children demonstrated their amazing Super Hoot Learning Powers throughout the day, but particularly during the collaborative bridge-building activities. Lots of fun was had exploring the outdoor exhibits, followed by an exciting interactive Sir Isaac Newton Science Show. The show had everything – zooming rockets, Emmeline on a vacuum-powered flying carpet and Amy on a chair of nails. The finale, and highlight, of the show consisted of the wonderful Mr Webb in the leading ‘role’ as a sandwich filling, demonstrating surface area.