Quel temps fait-il? (What is the weather like?)

Senior School
27 Nov 20

The Year 6 children have been working hard in their French lessons this term, working towards writing, and performing a TV weather report.  They have been revising weather phrases, countries, compass points and phrases they could use in a weather report. 

In pairs, the children wrote a script, choosing a name for their TV channel and introducing themselves as French weather presenters. They wrote about the sunshine in the South of France in Nice, the cold, fog, and rain in Edinburgh in Scotland, the super-hot week in Alicante in Spain and the bad weather in Frankfurt in Germany. 

After editing and finalising their weather report scripts, it was time to practise presenting them. Madame Buttle was very impressed with the quality of the scripts, the confidence of the children’s delivery, their wonderful French accents and how well they had learnt all their phrases and vocabulary.

The final stage of this weather project was to record their presentations on the Surface Go. We watched some excellent TV performances and maybe saw some budding TV stars! Bravo Year 6, keep up the hard work in your French lessons.

You can watch the video here.