Prize Presentation

Prep School
24 Jun 22

On Tuesday, the presentation of prizes for the Heritage Design Challenge took place at the Maidstone Museum. Sir Robert, who lives in Allington Castle, awarded the certificates.

It was a wonderful occasion to celebrate the brilliance of our Year 6 designers who entered and offered the opportunity for the children to view the other amazing designs and the varied, fantastic products. James C, Matilda C, Olivia Q and Esme S created elegant Egyptian-inspired nested dolls and Ishaan P, Samuel P, Jude R and Jai S’s Roman pencil sharpener ensured that they too were finalists.

Sienna’s product, her Japanese lantern, was a worthy winner and was chosen to be sold in the Maidstone Museum gift shop from July. The Heritage Design Challenge exhibition is well worth a visit and runs until mid-July, at the Maidstone Museum.