Prize and Award Winners

Senior School
9 Jul 21

Congratulations to our two Blue Gown winners, Callum Baker and Daniel Booth (both Fourth Form), along with a number of Blue Award winners. They will be presented with the awards by Housemasters and Housemistresses next term.

Prize winner books will be available to collect from Reception from Monday 12th July. 

Congratulations also go to all our Colour Award winners this term. Ties and pins can be collected from Reception from Monday or at the start of next term. 

Boys’ Cricket

Full Colours

Charles Galligan  (Upper Sixth)         

Cameron Lindsay (Upper Sixth)           

Oliver Payne-Cook (Upper Sixth)      

Finlay Sprent (Upper Sixth)                  

James Yeabsley (Upper Sixth)           

Half Colours

Ewen Barr (Upper Sixth)

Mardey Castle (Lower Sixth)              

James Crombie (Upper Sixth)            

Alec Martin (Fifth Form)                  

Henry Martin (Fifth Form)

Joseph McDermott (Upper Sixth)

Oliver Patel (Lower Sixth)      

James Pepler (Fifth Form)                

Jonny Russell (Lower Sixth)                  

George Sturges (Fifth Form)           

Junior Colours

Charlie Agnew (First Form)

Archie Burden (Second Form)

Luca Callander (Second Form)

Harry Demarne (Second Form)

Jack Dyas (First Form)

Edward Dyer (Second Form)

Fabian Gooding (Second Form)

Jacob Pearton (Second Form)

Joshua Slaughter (Second Form)

Montgomery Tunnicliff (First Form)

Benjamin Wilding (Second Form)


Girls’ Cricket

Junior Colours

Chloe Balcomb (Second Form)

Nancy Brown (First Form)

Rachel Farrell (Second Form)

Tess Hodson (Second Form)

Emma Oliver (First Form)

Zara Page (First Form)

Florence Powell (Second Form)

Isabelle Priestley (First Form)

Saffron Roberts (Second Form)

Evie Smith (Second Form)

Sydney Webster (First Form)



Half Colours

Troy Bartholet (Lower Sixth)        

Isabel Bruce-Lockhart (Lower Sixth)

Charlotte Farrell (Lower Sixth)

Alice Gotke (Upper Sixth)                    

Rose Price (Fifth Form)

Joshua Robinson (Fourth Form)

Katherine Sawyer (Lower Sixth)

Elizabeth Semmens (Lower Sixth)

Eloise Turnbull (Upper Sixth)             

Scarlett Washington (Fifth Form)

Junior Colours

Angus Brown (Second Form)

Fabian Gooding

Tess Hodson

Imogen Robinson (Second Form)



Full Senior

Nicole Avery (Upper Sixth)

Marlo Cordell (Upper Sixth)

Juliet De Banzie (Upper Sixth)

Joseph Gillett (Lower Sixth)

Charlotte Gilman (Upper Sixth)

Andrew Loy (Lower Sixth)

Jack Price (Upper Sixth)

Anna Smith (Lower Sixth)

Oscar Vas (Lower Sixth)

Junior Colours

Lettice Allchorne 

Nadeza Manley

Erin McGregor

Jago Ongley-Dellar

Elizabeth Penfold

Charlotte Pritchard

Stephanie Rees-Emsley

Musa Sarfraz

Raphael Shaddick

Emily Slipper

Imogen Trott 

Jemima Wilson

(All Third Form)



Full Senior

William Barrett (Lower Sixth)

Alexander Bowyer

Sophie Chapman

Yves Davis

Joshua Forknall

Thomas Llewellyn

Andrew Loy

Jenson McInulty

Joe Savage

Oscar Vas

(All Lower Sixth)

Half Colours

Rosie Aylett

Anna Chatterton

Felix Connell

Jessica De Lucy

Pip Hodson

Marko Jankovic

Felix Plant

Alice Roberson

Oliver Worrell

(All Lower Sixth)



Full Senior

George Abrehart (Lower Sixth)

Felix Connell 

Juliet De Banzie

Joseph Gillett

Simona Jovanovic (Lower Sixth)

Muhing Okhrabu (Upper Sixth)

Eliza Semmens

Anna Smith

Alexander Tolhurst (Lower Sixth)

Honor Whiteley (Lower Sixth)

Half Colours

Daniel Booth

Sophie Browning 

Haydn Fletcher 

Maisey Russell 

(All Fourth Form)

Junior Colours

Angus Brown

Wilfred Dickinson

Grace Manning-Greene

Florence Powell

Evie Smith

(All Second Form)