Prize and Award Winners 2021

Senior School
16 Dec 21

As announced in the Headmaster’s Final Assembly of the year, we were delighted with how many prizes and awards our students have amassed this term.

Congratulations to our Blue Gown winners Katherine Sawyer (Upper Sixth), Callum Baker (Fifth Form), Olivia Chadwick (Fifth Form), Elyse Ratcliffe (Fourth Form) and Emily Slipper (Fourth Form).

You can see the complete list of winners below.

Blue Badge Winners

Olivia Bruce-Lockhart (Fourth Form)

Felix Connell (Upper Sixth)

Max Cook (Fifth Form)

George Hedger (Fifth Form)

Rosalie Parsons (Fourth Form)

Benjamin Reid (Fifth Form)

Liam Thomas (Fifth Form)


Junior Blue Badge Winners

Lydia Alexander (Second Form)

Tilly Counsell (Second Form)

Barnaby Dallamore (Second Form)

Jake Haggie (Second Form)

Mayson Kirk (Second Form)

Livia Murray (Second Form)

Zachary Theobald (Second Form)

Toni Tishe (Second Form)


Music Colours

Senior Full:

George Abrehart (Upper Sixth)

Charlotte Farrell (Upper Sixth)

Joseph Gillett (Upper Sixth)

Alexander Tolhurst (Upper Sixth)

Honor Whiteley (Upper Sixth)


Senior Half:

Luca Arduino (Fifth Form)

Daisy Dallamore (Fourth Form)

Jonty Gillett (Fourth Form)

Joshua Robinson (Fifth Form)



Lydia Alexander

Darcey Bird (Second Form)

Sophia Parkin (Second Form)

Toni Tishe


CCF Colours

Senior Full:

Anna Chatterton (Upper Sixth)

Felix Connell

Alice Roberson (Upper Sixth)


Senior Half:

Maximus Woods (Lower Sixth)


Shooting Colours

Senior Full:

Thomas Arthur (Upper Sixth)

Callum Davis (Lower Sixth)

Daniel Wild (Lower Sixth)


Senior Half:

Filipp Rivanenok (Fourth Form)


Rugby Colours

Senior Full:

Tom Barton (Upper Sixth)

Jasper Benson (Upper Sixth)

Alexander Bowyer (Upper Sixth)

Marcus Brown (Upper Sixth)

Joshua Forknall (Upper Sixth)

Pip Hodson (Upper Sixth)

Joshua Laird (Upper Sixth)

Jenson McInulty (Upper Sixth)

Nathan Michelow (Upper Sixth)

George Pegram (Upper Sixth)

Jacob Ray (Upper Sixth)

Oscar Vas (Upper Sixth)

Tyler Weekes (Upper Sixth)


Senior Half:

Hector Anderson (Lower Sixth)

William Barrett (Upper Sixth)

Alexander Barry (Upper Sixth)

Luke Beaumont (Lower Sixth)

Tobias Butler (Lower Sixth)

Mardey Castle (Upper Sixth)

Dylan Cole (Upper Sixth)

Fabio Da Costa Treleaven (Upper Sixth)

Edward Evans (Lower Sixth)

Isaac Forknall (Lower Sixth)

Edwin Harding (Upper Sixth)

Alfie Jarrett (Lower Sixth)

Barnaby Merrett (Lower Sixth)

Harvey Morris (Upper Sixth)

Oliver Murch (Lower Sixth)

Harry Oppen (Upper Sixth)

Oyedayo Oyerinde (Lower Sixth)

Fynn Page (Lower Sixth)

Joe Savage (Upper Sixth)

Adam Smith (Lower Sixth)

George Sturges (Lower Sixth)

Luca Vas (Lower Sixth)

Maximus Woods

Ethan Wynne (Lower Sixth)



Charles Agnew (Second Form)

Max Chapman (Second Form)

Theo Devine (Second Form)

William Durham (Second Form)

Jack Dyas (Second Form)

Jolyon Evenden (Second Form)

Darren Finch (Second Form)

Jake Haggie

Harry Hedger (Second Form)

Evan Henley (Second Form)

Oliver Messer (Second Form)

Logan Mortimer-Cooper (Second Form)

Maxim Ongley-Dellar (Second Form)

Alfred Paice (Second Form)

Haydn Rees-Emsley (Second Form)

George Stanley (Second Form)

Peter Trott (Second Form)

Montgomery Tunnicliff (Second Form)

Albert Watts (Second Form)


Hockey Colours

Senior Full:

Isabel Bruce-Lockhart

Holly Clark (Upper Sixth)

Charlotte Farrell

Katherine Sawyer

Anna Smith (Upper Sixth)


Senior Half:

Grace Bartleet (Lower Sixth)

Jessica De Lucy (Upper Sixth)

Ellie Fannon (Upper Sixth)

Jemima Lund (Upper Sixth)

Annie Moore (Lower Sixth)

Katie Moore (Lower Sixth)

Jemma Payne-Cook (Lower Sixth)

Madeline Presland (Upper Sixth)

Rose Price (Lower Sixth)

Millie Sands (Lower Sixth)

Elizabeth Semmens (Upper Sixth)

Scarlett Washington (Lower Sixth)

Charlotte Wellings (Lower Sixth)

Honor Whiteley (Upper Sixth)

Elizabeth Wooff (Upper Sixth)

Millie Wright (Lower Sixth)

Omodesireoluwa Banwo (Second Form)

Clementine Bennett (First Form)

Nancy Brown (Second Form)

Matilda Foreman (First Form)

Lydia Head (First Form)

Meredith McInulty (Second Form)

Emma Oliver (Second Form)

Zara Page (Second Form)

Isabelle Priestley (Second Form)

Charlotte Slaughter (First Form)

Sydney Webster (Second Form)