Prefect Report – Lockdown v2

Senior School
20 Nov 20

Over the course of the Half Term break, we had the very disappointing news that the whole of the UK would be in another Lockdown for a month. This means we cannot go out and see our friends or extended family, or for any non-essential reasons. 

However, I like to look on the bright side of lots of situations and here are some of the brilliant things we can look forward to this term:

Working hard to get better grades in our subjects;

Delicious lunches and chatting with our friends;

Keeping fit and healthy and learning new sports (like Badminton);

Getting into the Christmas spirit (singing, dancing and dressing up for nativities) although it might be on Zoom this year;

Taking part in all the competitions that we do here, like the Wildlife Photography Challenge and House sports matches.


Lydia Head (Year 6)