Prefect Poem

Senior School
30 Apr 21

As part of his prefect duties, Seb H (Year 6) decided to write an excellent poem called Returning to School. You can read his poem below:

Returning to School

The day has arrived with the re-opening of schools,

After three months of lockdown and obeying the rules.

I wondered how different it would all be,

But, at last, my friends, I would see.


With the teacher wearing a visor, the first lesson began,

And I couldn’t help smiling and my heart sang,

To be back in the classroom learning face-to-face,

Not learning on Teams and staring into space!


A change of style was obvious once more,

As we went through the dining hall door.

Our lunch was served in boxes, both cold and hot,

It was just like having a takeaway, was it not?


After lunch, in our year group, to the sports fields, we went,

To be out in the fresh air together was time well spent.

As games kit was the order of the day, it was so easy to get going,

And immediately our competitiveness started growing!


Then back to the classroom until the end of the day,

As energy and excitement slowly faded away.

I felt that it was quite tiring being back at school

And that I had been in a very large whirlpool!


As we drove home, I looked back on the day,

And thought it was almost like we had not been away.

But I realised that it was better for our health and our minds,

To be learning at School with others and not online.