Prefect Piece – Jai S

Prep School
20 May 22

In the following prefect piece, Jai S (Year 6) talks about his love for Cricket and the skills that are required to succeed in this sport:

I have been playing Cricket since I was four years old and I know nearly everything that is going on in the role of Cricket. It is my passion and I aspire to play for England one day. In the winter, I play once or twice a week and in the summer, I play four or five times a week.

Cricket is a sport that requires stamina and temperament because it has a longer game time than many other sports. In order for me to play Cricket, I sometimes have to miss out on events with my friends but I don’t mind because I know that in a few years, it will be worth it.

If you keep working hard towards anything you want to do in life, keep going when things get hard and keep believing in yourself, then you will succeed.

Jai S, Year 6 Prefect