Poetry Sharing

Senior School
1 Jul 21

On a wet Tuesday afternoon, some of our First Form students and residents at Sutton Valence Care Home shared another session of virtual poetry reading. Pupils had the choice of reciting a poem of their choice, and we had examples from Auden, Tennyson and Davies, or writing their own. 

Here are some examples of the poetry written by our pupils, that they recited:

Pet Fish By Alfie Paice

What do I do with you?

You’re just swimming around!

Never talking, never concentrating

It’s like you’re not even living

My parents say you’re useless

But I don’t want to be that rude

My friends say you’re cool

But I can’t be overly nice like that.

But you have one trait that I like

And my friends really like it too

And that’s the fact we rarely get in a dispute!


School Hockey by Nancy Brown and Isabelle Priestley

Hockey is really rough, if you want to play you have to be tough.

The guts and glory; ups and downs,

Both pain and pressure; smiles and frowns.

Kits, sticks and the chilly pitch

The victorious cheers and the defeated tears.


The final whistle has blown we know that’s the time the winner has shown.

We then go in for match tea,

Chocolate cake, biscuits- they’re all for me.


Home in the minibus for post-match cheers

The coach drivers are covering their ears.


Nancy reported, “I was a lot more confident this time than the first time” and Charlotte Taylor said, “I really enjoyed doing the poetry because it was nice to see them and hear their poems. I also enjoyed reading my poem with Grace because it was very fun”.

Thank you to Mrs Porter for arranging this special event for our community.